Here, you are not alone:

If you’ve ever wondered or wanted to complain about aging, anxiety, corruption, crime, cruelty to animals, death, debt, depression, the economy, education, energy crises, environmental degradation, global warming, greed, guns, health, homelessness, injustice, joblessness, obesity, politics, your neighbors, racism, relationships, religion, sexism, taxes, terrorism, the weather, violence, xenophobia, zealotry and more (with this just a partial A – Z list) you’ve come to the right place!

But at MISERY LOVES COMPANY it’s not just the rants that get us going:

What matters most is the ability to learn, laugh, take action and MAKE LIGHT in the face of life’s most complicated and thorny issues…and to do it together.

Beginning with a robust web presence and webisodes that feature special celebrity, comedy, musical, and topical guests…as well as regular folks like us and the characters we want to be…MLC will eventually expand to TV and other media.

MLC is a program of WonderWorks Productions, and is the brainchild of brand-builder Wendy Dubit and her heroes, Wendy Do-It and UnderWoman (together, “The Producers”).

Having spent much of our last decade dealing with debilitating illness, a dysfunctional healthcare system, crashing economies and more, The Producers know from misery!

But it’s RESILIENCY, HUMOR, CAN-DO OPTIMISM, the rockingest group of FAMILY and FRIENDS…and the knowledge that LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE…that The Producers pull from most.

And it is upon The Producers’ extensive experience with such entities as America Online, Bertelsmann Music Group, Henson Associates, New Line Cinema, Primedia, The Producers’ Project, Omnimedia, Unilever and Wildnerness Films that MISERY LOVES COMPANY is built.

The emphasis, of course, is on COMPANY.

And for every good reason, we want you and yours to join us and ours!

Warmly and looking forward,

The Wendys (Dubit and Do-It), UnderWoman and All of us at WonderWorks….

Note:  MISERY LOVES COMPANY offers HUGE THANKS to all who attended our pilot party, 01.26.13 from 1:30 – 6:30 p.m. at Hank Dietle’s Tavern, Rockville. 

Here are highlights from MISERY LOVES COMPANY Take One…with MUCH MORE TO COME!

We also hope you ENJOY the following favorites, from the MISERY LOVES COMPANY archives:

Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Eric Idle / Life of Brian

Saturday Night Live’s Superstorm Sandy Press Conference with Sign Language

Saturday Night Live’s Fox and Friends guest starring Louis C.K.

Saturday Night Live’s A Sorry Lot We Are guest starring Daniel Craig

Saturday Night Live’s  Girlfriends Talk Show guest starring Anne Hathaway

Saturday Night Live’s  Undecided Voter PSA

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart / Trillion-Dollar Coin

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart / Swing State Hell

The Colbert Report’s Super Pac Site

Obama: A Modern U.S. President musical spoof

Palin for President, with THANKS to The Misanthropic Principle

Walter Williams’ Mr. Bill Goes to Washington!

Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks

Monty Python’s Silly Job Interview

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon / THANK YOU Notes

Jimmy Kimmel Live / National Unfriend Day

Pee Wee Herman’s Prank Call

Crank Yankers / Special Ed / I Got Mail

Blue Collar Comedy Tour / You Might Be a Redneck If…./ Favorite Jokes

Old Jews Telling Jokes / An Actor Out of Work

Old Folks Dancing / Wanna be Startin’ Something!

The Muppet Show / Theme Song

The Muppet Show / To Dream The Impossible Dream guest starring John Cleese

OK Go / This Too Shall Pass